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Articles in 2012:

Sustainable Theater Practices Article Mentions Upright Egg – by Drew Kerr writing for Finance & Commerce

Articles in 2011:

Review of Songbird by Janet Preus of How Was The Show .com

Article on new Theatres in NE Minneapolis

Articles in 2010:

Review of Venus by Sheila Regan

preview for Venus

Review of Midsummer from Groovy Reviews

Review of Midsummer From Minneapolis Examiner

preview of Midsummer by Paul Coate

Midsummer Preview in City Pages

Articles in 2009:

review of NYC Fringe production of “Venus” with Superhero Clubhouse

recommendation for “ReCollect”

Articles in 2008:

2008 Best of List “The Dreaming Project”

A plug for “Uranus” (sorry, it just came out that way)

Sheila Regan previews “Uranus”

Fringe Famous interview with Company Member Brian O’Neal

Articles in 2007:
Fringe 2007 review “The Chuck Mee Project” by Graydon Royce
“Jackpot.” “A Constantly Entertaining Show” “Stop by because this is a treat.”

Fringe 2007 Review of “The Chuck Mee Project” by Matthew Everett

Fringe 2007 Preview top 10 list by Matthew Everett

On The Purple Circuit Review of “The Love Project” by Steven LaVigne

Articles in 2006:
Fringe 2006 Snapshot by Matthew Everett
“…keep an eye out for Upright Egg – they’re on their way to doing great things, in the Fringe or out.”
Fringe 2006 Capsules “The Afterlife Project” by Anne Nicolai
“Of the four plays I saw, this one, as Kathy B puts it, was “the Fringiest.” As “out there” as Afterlife was, it is the one that I keep thinking about.”